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So, the teaser trailer for the new Star Wars movie came out a couple of days ago.
And I must say that it didn't assuage my worries about this movie.

For one thing, the trailer began with some guy popping up onscreen (from below) on Tatooine in a stormtrooper outfit and later on (after seeing more stormtroopers) we see two tie-fighters in combat with the Millennium Falcon.  Two things I didn't want to see in this new movie are stormtroopers and tie-fighters.  I mean, come on, after 35 years are the rebels still fighting the empire?  That's kinda lame and a little lazy on the part of the scriptwriters.

In my outline of how I would like the new trilogy to go, I don't include the empire at all.  Please see my original post outlining my new trilogy here:

There is a fake "international trailer" floating around  youtube which, IMO, is much better than this teaser for one main reason - the trailer begins with the reason for these movies - Luke Skywalker.
If you are not hyped to see the continuing story of Luke Skywalker then I would say that you harbor a deep misunderstanding of what Star Wars is all about.  It's not about Han.  Its not about Leia.  Its definitely not about the droids.  Its about LUKE SKYWALKER.
There is also a, possibly fake, shot of Luke in this trailer as an older Jedi Master with a beard and the brown hood (he looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi) which really takes this trailer over the top.  Is anyone listening over at Disney?  Hello JJ?
However, the premise of this trailer seems to be that the Empire is back and now attacking the New Republic (much like the opposite of what happens in the original trilogy with the Imperial Remnant acting as the rebellion against the established order of the New Republic).  This doesn't overly thrill me but if you think about the fact that the prequel trilogy is about the establishment of the Empire, the original trilogy is about the rebellion against the Empire and its defeat, so the sequel trilogy could be about an Imperial Remnant rebelling against the New Republic and its ultimate defeat and extinction in this trilogy.  If that were combined with an over-riding story about Luke and his battle with a Sith remnant, there could be some potential there. 
We will see in a year.

Here is the fake "international trailer"

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