Monday, August 31, 2015


YouTube clips that I think are incredibly cool or incredibly funny and are a must-see for everyone.


I found this video the other day of some of the most beautiful playmates ever.
Its definitely worth a look.
And don't worry, there is no nudity so it is SFW.

This is a really great video with a bunch of beautiful playmates but actually a couple of these women were never playmates, namely Carmen Electra and Torrie Wilson.  And I'm so glad to see my girl Tiffany Taylor in this video as she is rarely given her due as one of the most beautiful playmates of all time.

Friday, August 28, 2015


If you got to know me a little, you would find out that I'm one of the few regular people that is on Twitter.

One thing that I like about Twitter is that you can get sent all kinds of interesting and funny and amazing pics, so I'm going to be posting those pics that I find interesting or funny or amazing.

The Road Less Travelled?


YouTube clips that I think are incredibly cool or incredibly funny and are a must-see for everyone.

If this is true, this is some next level stuff!!!


A couple of years ago this month, I blogged about the movie, Gone With the Wind and that, in my opinion, it is the finest and greatest movie ever made.
In addition to the reasons I outlined in my above post, there is another reason I regard GWTW so highly.  It is because of the performance by Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara.  In my opinion, Leigh delivers the greatest performance by an actor in any film ever made (including both male and female).  It is this mesmerizing performance that holds the film together and elevates it from the soap-opera melodrama that could have enveloped the film.
And this got me thinking...
If Leigh gives us the greatest performance by any actor, and accordingly, the greatest female film performance of all time, who would give the greatest male film performance of all time?
I think I would have to say that, IMO, the greatest male film performance was given by Peter O'Toole in Lawrence of Arabia.  No other film so depends upon its leading man to carry the film and no actor shows the incredible range in one film that O'Toole supplies in Lawrence.
In thinking about this subject, I ran across a blog that gives a list of the Top 100 Female and Male Film Performances of All Time and might provide some perspective to this topic.
Check it out here:


About a year ago, Empire Magazine published its list of the Greatest 301 Movies of All Time.  It was a wild, weird, and woolly list that I blogged about here: 
Well, now they have come out with a new list of the 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time and I thought the list was interesting for a very particular reason.
On this list, Han Solo was ranked #3 (behind Indiana Jones at #1 and James Bond at #2) and Darth Vader was ranked at #9 but Luke Skywalker was ranked at #50.  Wait.  What?
Luke Skywalker at #50?  I wouldn't have a problem with Luke at #50 if it wasn't for Han Solo being ranked at #3.  To me, this reveals a deep misunderstanding of the Star Wars saga.  If you are not a Luke Skywalker fan, then why are you watching Star Wars at all.  Everyone else in the original trilogy is a side character (including Han and Leia) and their stories are secondary when compared with the epic journey of Luke Skywalker.  I remember when I saw Return of the Jedi in 1983, I came out of the movie loving it but also thinking that the best part of the movie was the conclusion of the Luke story while the conclusion of Han and Leia's story felt a bit forced (I also thought the rescue of Han from Jabba's palace was a bit long and most of the time when I watch the movie today, I skip this entire beginning part and go right to Luke returning to Dagobah for the big reveal about Darth Vader from Yoda).
Coincidentally, I saw another magazine which ranked the top 50 sci-fi characters of all time and at #1 was - yep, you guessed it - Han Solo.  Luke ranked at #24 on this list. 
It's also interesting that in the trailer for the new Star Wars movie - The Force Awakens, Han Solo is in the trailer but Luke is nowhere to be found.  For me, this set off some warning signals beyond my trepidation about the movie due to the involvement of JJ Abrams (I'll never stop saying it - Abrams destroyed Star Trek for me!!!  If he destroys Star Wars... )
Luke Skywalker is what the original trilogy is all about (while the prequel trilogy is about Anakin) and in my opinion the sequel trilogy should, naturally, be about Luke's son but that is another discussion that I have blogged about here: