Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The greatest movie ever made.
Now, that saying, I have a caveat to this declaration.  I think Gone With the Wind is the finest movie ever made BUT, my personal favorite movie of all time is:  STAR WARS.
So why is GWTW the greatest movie of all time but not my personal favorite? 
Isn't there a contradiction there? 
Does that make sense?
Well, to me, it does.

Star Wars is my personal favorite movie.  It is the movie that I personally connect with on a level like no other movie.  It is the only movie that changed my life and helped mold me into the person that I am.  And it is the best example of the movies that I like best, which are: adventure movies whether they be set in space or the wild west.  I'm a sucker for an adventure film that keeps me on the edge of my seat and enthralled by the action onscreen.

So, where does GWTW fit into this scheme?
Well, I consider Gone With the Wind to be the greatest example of the film-making art and process in all its various facets.  By that, I mean, that it is at the highest level of film-making in every aspect of its production and execution.
Every category.
Directing, Acting, Cinematograhpy, Music, Script, Story, Costumes, and Sets are all at the highest level for GWTW.
No other film can approach GWTW in all these categories.  No other film puts it all together like GWTW.

A lot of films have some of these categories at the highest level but none have all of them to the level that GWTW has (the only two that come close are Star Wars, which actually has a better score than GWTW and The Godfather which is the closest to putting the complete package together like GWTW).

So, if I was making a list of the top movies of all time, I would have to put Gone With the Wind at the #1 position.
It is...
The Greatest Movie of All Time!!!

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