Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Recently Entertainment Weekly selected their Top 100 Films of All Time in a list that prompted much debate due to the position of many films on the list and the omission of several great films (such as STAR WARS, WTF??).
So, in that same vein, I'm now going to present my Top 25 Films of All Time.  I came up with this list several years ago and when I started to make this list I realized that I needed some organizing principle to base the list on.
So, what I came up with was to pick the best films from each decade until I got to a Top 25 that I really liked and was satisfied with.
Now, one caveat needs to be stated.  Theses films are in a group, not ranked from best to worst.  However, I would put these 25 films up against any Top 25 on any list that I've ever seen.

without further ado
Here is the Top 25 Films of All Time


Now, if I had to pick a Top 5 of All Time in order, they would be:

1.  Gone With the Wind
2.  Star Wars
3.  The Godfather
4.  Lawrence of Arabia
5.  West Side Story


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