Wednesday, February 18, 2015


This feature on my blog showcases one of my great loves and personal hobbies:
I am a passionate fan of film music and my collection of film music is vast but I want to combine that with a visual aspect (which film music should be aligned too) so I'm going to use You Tube to accomplish this goal.
I will search through You Tube and find videos that feature film music and embed those videos on this blog.

For this Film Music Cue, I have selected a scene from Oliver Stone's epic movie Alexander.  To me and IMHO, Alexander is one of the best movies of the decade but I also think that I am the only person on the planet that feels that way.  It's just the way I am.  There are certain movies that I like that no one else does like Alexander and there are certain movies that I loathe that everyone else thinks are great such as Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight.
(I'm actually thinking of doing a new feature on this blog that highlights this dichotomy so be on the lookout in the future).
But back to Alexander and this clip.
This clip and film cue features the scene in which Alexander "tames" his legendary horse Bucephalus and as he does so, Vangelis' transcendent music is on full display.  I really believe that, like me, Vangelis loved this movie because he provided some of his best material ever for this movie so it must have inspired him somewhat.  Just listen and marvel at the majesty of this music for a simple scene of a boy riding a horse for the first time.


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