Wednesday, February 18, 2015


I recently finished reading Joe Nick Patoski's book, The Dallas Cowboys which is a pretty exhausting history of the football team with alot about the city of Dallas and the various owners of the team over its 50 year history.  As stated, the book is fairly exhaustive and provides much more than I ever really wanted to know about the history of Dallas as a city.  It also provides a detailed history of the owners of the Cowboys, specifically the team's first owner, Clint Murchison (who I had never heard of before reading this book, I always thought Tex Schramm owned the team but it turns out he was the General Manager all those years) and the current owner, Jerry Jones (who a guy told me yesterday was "the Devil", heh-heh).  However, the book really shines when it centers in on the team and its performance and players.  When Patoski concentrates on the team, the book really finds its focus which at 725 pages tends to meander a bit.  I would definitely recommend the book for any really serious Cowboy fan buy for the casual fan, not so much.
One thing that came of this book for me was a bit of a question.
In its history, Dallas has won five Superbowls.  Is it possible to get one of those Superbowl rings from their Superbowl wins?
Well, come to find out, its totally possible.
Quite easily, I found a store online that sells replica Superbowl rings at really affordable prices and I immediately ordered me a couple.
I ended up getting the Superbowl ring from the 1992 season (1993 Superbowl) and from the 1971 season (1972 Superbowl).  Those years are significant to me as I was born in 1971 and it was the first Superbowl that Dallas won and the 1992 Superbowl was when I turned 21.

1971 Ring

1992 Ring

I gotta say, these rings are pretty cool and I'm considering getting a couple more (especially the 1989 San Francisco 49ers ring which is the year I graduated from high school and I may wear as a pinkie ring because I can get it in a smaller size, pretty pimping, huh?).
I prefer to wear the 1992 Superbowl ring because the 1971 ring is huge due to its width but I like them both.
Pretty awesome!!!

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