Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Have you ever been curious about that card game called Magic: The Gathering?

Well, I was.  
So, I bought some pre-made decks and began the process of learning how to play the game.
However, learning how to play the game turned out to be a daunting task as I watched some instruction videos and only understood about half of what I was seeing.
So, as an industrious and intelligent person who has played a lot of different games over the years, I proceeded to just make up my own rules.
And somewhat surprisingly, my rules work and the game plays smoothly and with a good deal more excitement than when using the regular rules (if you can decipher and implement the regular rules, they are incredibly complicated made even more so over the years as new card-types have been added).  I found the game when using the regular rules to be overly-complex and a bit taxing (meaning the game proceeds slowly) and some of the best cards can't be used because of the slow pace of the game.  Utilizing my rules, many of the more powerful cards can easily join the game.  However, other cards and the effects of those cards cannot be used because certain mechanics of the game in my system are not employed.
Actually, I was proud of myself that I could take a very complicated game and simplify it down in a way that still worked and proved to be enjoyable.
I'm tempted to go to one of those Friday Night Magic Gatherings and see if anyone would want to play the game using my rules.  Maybe I can start a new trend in Magic gaming.
Anyone up to the challenge?

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