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This feature on my blog showcases one of my great loves and personal hobbies:
I am a passionate fan of film music and my collection of film music is vast but I want to combine that with a visual aspect (which film music should be aligned too) so I'm going to use You Tube to accomplish this goal.
I will search through You Tube and find videos that feature film music and embed those videos on this blog.

I was talking today with a colleague of mine (Hello Frank!!) about the scores of the 1960s and I mentioned that I greatly admired the opening titles to Spartacus (yes, a Stanley Kubrick movie) with music by Alex North, which probably should have won him the Academy Award that year but he faced stiff competition from Tiomkin's The Alamo, Elmer Bernstein's The Magnificent Seven, Previn's Elmer Gantry, and the eventual winner Ernest Gold's Exodus (What a year for scores!!)
That being said, here is the opening titles for Spartacus with music by Alex North.  Enjoy!!

And just for kicks since I mentioned Gold's Exodus score, here is Noah Stewart singing This Land is Mine, the main title from Exodus.

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