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This feature on my blog showcases one of my great loves and personal hobbies:
I am a passionate fan of film music and my collection of film music is vast but I want to combine that with a visual aspect (which film music should be aligned too) so I'm going to use You Tube to accomplish this goal.
I will search through You Tube and find videos that feature film music and embed those videos on this blog.

So, I've been doing alot of thinking lately about sequels.  Ever since that Empire Magazine movie poll of the Top 301 Movies of All Time and they named The Empire Strikes Back as the #1 movie which completely shocked me.
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The other day, I caught Rocky III on TV and I realized what a really good movie it is and it got me once again thinking about sequels and if they can stand alone without someone seeing the prior films in the series (which you can't with Empire Strikes Back, you must see Star Wars first to understand Empire, otherwise you would be completely lost).
And I have to say, Rocky III could be one of the best examples of a sequel that could stand on its own.
I remember that Rocky III was the first Rocky movie I saw and I saw it in the theatres when it came out in 1982.  I had not seen the other movies but I remember that I wasn't confused because everything you need to know, all the essential information, is presented so that you don't have to see the other movies to enjoy and follow Rocky III.  Now, of course, you may miss some of the emotional impact of the story arc of Apollo Creed training Rocky if you haven't seen their past but that's also explained as the movie goes along.
Rocky III may be the best of the Rocky movies and it was definitely my favorite until Rocky Balboa of 2006 (which IMO was the best movie of that year and one of the best of the decade)
I also realized the great music by Bill Conti that I often overlook as one of the great scores of the 70s and 80s, so for the YouTube Film Music Cue today, I give you the training montage from Rocky III, one of the great inspirational moments in film history from a great movie of the 1980s.


A couple of footnotes to Rocky III:
Rocky III was also the first time I saw Hulk Hogan and any professional wrestling and I was intrigued but that curiosity didn't bloom until 1987 when I started watching wrestling, an interest that remains to this day.

Also, the other day I caught the 2nd James Bond movie, From Russia With Love and thinking once more about sequels, I realized that the James Bond movies aren't really sequels at all.  They are movies in a series but they are not sequels because you don't have to see any previous James Bond movie to enjoy any of the others (that is until Quantum of Solace which follows directly from Casino Royale and is a sequel, maybe that's why Quantum is unequivocally the worst Bond movie of all time, they were trying to make a Bond sequel which doesn't work for James Bond movies).  
Sequels vs. Series.  It would make an interesting film study.

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