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For the past twenty-five years, one of my hobbies has been the Champions of the Galaxy wrestling game.  It is card/dice game that simulates professional wrestling in a future setting including humanoids from all over the galaxy. 

See my original post on COTG and my Galaxian Wrestling Federation (GWF) here:

The Cosmic Battle

In my fed, one of the biggest storylines that I ever conducted was known as The Cosmic Battle.
It was an epic saga and now that I’ve had time to look back on it and chronicle its history I thought I might share it here on the blog.

The battle between the forces of light and the forces of darkness occurred in my GWF over the course of about 4 years. It was fought between such legends as Chaos, Holocaust, Genocide, Apocalypse, Deacon, Doomsday, Godsend, Messiah, and Monolith.

My year consists of 100 cards and The Cosmic Battle begins in year 16 (cards 1501-1600).

The Cosmic Battle began rather unobtrusively, on card 1545 when a faction was formed calling themselves The Four Horsemen with Holocaust as a singles wrestler, a new tag team known as The New Order comprised of Massacre (the former member of the original New Order known as Mace in a new image mimicking the former Gladiator Massacre) and Vengeance (who was a “new” wrestler who took the name of the original Vengeance but was much bigger than the original Vengeance) and a brand new monster of a wrestler named Genocide.
At the time, Holocaust was embroiled in a feud with Deacon, who was the Galaxian Heavyweight Champion. Deacon was a very tall, well-built wrestler with spiked blonde hair who wrestled in a monk’s habit (think Dolph Lundgren from Rocky 4 in a monk’s outfit).
Genocide made his debut in week 1545 defeating and injuring Matador of M83 who would not be seen for several years. The New Order also made their triumphant tag team debut. However, in the Main Event of the night, Deacon defended the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship over Holocaust winning by DQ when all The Horsemen interfered giving Deacon a huge beatdown and announcing their presence to the galaxy.
Unfortunately, The New Order did not achieve much success as a tag team and on card 1570, The New Order lost their match as Massacre was pinned and Vengeance turned on him throwing him over the top rope out of the ring. Vengeance then stood center-ring and was struck by a beam of energy and was transformed into his true self… CHAOS!!!
Chaos then introduced the “new” Horsemen of Apocalypse which are himself, Genocide, Holocaust and Death (who was a wrestler formerly known as Gravestone, my version of the Undertaker but with long gray hair and completely opaque eyes). This is the first mention of Apocalypse.
As a stable, The Horsemen then wrestled for the remainder of the year in singles action feuding with Deacon.
At the final card of the year, SuperClash 16 (card 1600), Deacon convincingly defeated Holocaust in the main event in a Cosmic Cage match preventing interference from the rest of The Horsemen.

Year 17 (cards 1601-1700)
In the new year, Deacon began feuding extensively with Death while Chaos feuded with a returning Mace (who takes up his original identity, dropping the Massacre persona).
This leaves Holocaust and Genocide out of the Galaxian title picture and problems begin to arise between the two of them beginning when Holocaust wins a 4-man tournament for the vacant Interplanetary Heavyweight Championship defeating Genocide in the final match on card 1620.
Things really came to a head on card 1651 when Holocaust and Genocide once more wrestled for a championship, this time for the vacant Galaxian Heavyweight Championship (Deacon had lost the title to a wrestler who had subsequently retired and the title was declared vacant) in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match which was won by Genocide in two straight falls for his first Galaxian Heavyweight Championship.
Genocide goes on to dominate all competition (including several rematches with Holocaust) and on card 1665, Genocide was defending the Galaxian title against Donner (a Thor-inspired wrestler from Norse mythology) when Holocaust and the newest Horsemen, Inferno attack him (Inferno is Holocaust’s brother and the two form a part-time tag team called The Brothers of Destruction).
Then on card 1675, Genocide was defeated by the returning Matador of M83 (karma, huh?) and is attacked by the debuting Monolith (I brought Monolith in very early to my fed as soon as I got the special edition card).
On card 1686, a new wrestler named Minion made his debut and joined forces with Chaos accompanying him to ringside.
On card 1690, the great and mighty Apocalypse made his debut beating Mace and ending his career but then Chaos and the Horsemen (Holocaust, Inferno, Death, and Minion) come to the ring and defy Apocalypse who then dismisses them introducing his own Horsemen – War, Death, Famine, and Pestilence.
At SuperClash XVII (card 1700), Chaos and his Horsemen battled Apocalypse and his Horsemen in a giant 10-man tag team match with Chaos’ team coming out the victors.
The Battle of the Dark forces was on!!!

Year 18 (cards 1701-1800)
The next big event in The Cosmic Battle occured on card 1709 as Monolith was defending the Interplanetary Heavyweight Championship against Genocide when Chaos and Minion come to the ring and both assault Genocide resulting in a DQ.
On card 1719, a demon wrestler named Satannish appeared in a cloud of Brimstone smoke and attacks Deacon.
On card 1720 at Starblast, Apocalypse defeated Chaos in a big match in their deepening feud. However, in a setback for Chaos, on card 1729, Death resumes his identity as Gravestone and leaves Chaos’ Horsemen.
On card 1739, Apocalypse turns in a great performance winning the Interplanetary Heavyweight Championship from Monolith but he then loses the championship to Paragon on the next card (1740) at the Rigel Royal Rumble.
On card 1748, Genocide proclaims himself his own man and not involved in the feud between Chaos and Apocalypse by soundly defeating Apocalypse in singles action.
Clash of Champions (Card 1750) turned out to be a singular event in the history of The Cosmic Battle as several key events take place:
  • In a six-man tag match, The Code Enforcers and Chivalry (a bootleg character) defeat The Brothers of Destruction (Holocaust/Inferno) and Anarchy (who begins to ally himself with Chaos’ Horsemen)
  • Monolith defeats Chaos in 3 moves, humiliating him
  • In a Ring of Fire Match, Deacon defeats Satannish
  • In the Interplanetary Championship match between Minion and champion, Paragon, Minion does not show for the match. Instead a new huge wrestler named DOOMSDAY takes his place and easily pins Paragon for the title. Then Minion comes to the ring and reveals his true identity as Pawn (the Pawn of Doomsday)
  • In the match for the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship, Genocide quickly pins Praetor (a Roman soldier inspired bootleg wrestler) for the title and then is immediately challenged by Doomsday for the title and is pinned by him (in his 1st two matches on one card, Doomsday won the Interplanetary and Galaxian Heavyweight Championships).
The newly-named Legion of Doom (Chaos/Holocaust/Inferno/Anarchy) then come to the ring to celebrate but they suddenly jump all over Chaos injuring him severely and sending him into retirement


On card 1751, Genocide once again proves himself in winning the vacant Interplanetary Heavyweight Championship in a 16-man tournament with a final victory over Holocaust.
At Hardcore Heaven (Card 1760), things really started to get interesting as Genocide once again defended his Interplanetary Heavyweight Championship over Holocaust in an “I Quit” Match and..
Apocalypse defeated Doomsday for the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship in a Hydra Lumberjack Match where his Horsemen greatly aid him outside the ring.
On card 1770 at Star Wars, in the first ever Wargames Match, The Legion of Doom (Doomsday/Holocaust/Inferno/Anarchy/Pawn) win over Apocalypse and The Horsemen and per stipulation, the winning captain, Doomsday, regains the Galaxian title and Apocalypse and the Horsemen are exiled for the remainder of the year.
Then as The Legion stand triumphant in the ring, a flash of light occurs and a new wrestler appears all in white, GODSEND, and as The Legion looks on, he grabs Pawn and disappears with him. This is considered the great turning point in The Cosmic Battle.

On card 1772, Godsend defeats Holocaust and following the match, Holocaust kneels before him and takes off his mask and pledges him his loyalty. The transformation of The Legion begins.
At Cosmic Collision (Card 1780), Godsend defeats Inferno who then, like his brother Holocaust, removes his mask and joins with Godsend as Holocaust comes to the ring in his new persona as… Salvation.
Also, on the card, Genocide defends the Interplanetary Heavyweight Championship over Anarchy but then Doomsday comes to the ring to attack Genocide but Godsend and Freedom (the former Pawn of Doomsday) hit the ring chasing Doomsday away and just as Anarchy is going to attack Godsend he stops, kneels, removes his mask and pledges his loyalty to Godsend.
However, also at Cosmic Collision, Doomsday dominates Monolith in defending the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship.
On card 1790, Godsend defeats Gravestone and then puts his hands on either side of his head and yells “LIVE!” Gravestone yells in pain but then his eyes come into focus and his hair turns from white to brown and he rises a new man.
Godsend then openly challenges Doomsday for a Galaxian title match @ SuperClash XVIII.
At SuperClash XVIII (Card 1800), in an Elimination Tag Team Match between The Horsemen of Apocalypse and The Legion (Salvation/Order (the former Inferno)/Hope (the former Anarchy)/Freedom), it comes down to Hope and Death against each other but then a “new” wrestler looking exactly like Anarchy attacks Hope allowing Death to easily get the pin and win for The Horsemen.
Genocide defends the Interplanetary Heavyweight Championship over the returning Apocalypse and then announces that he will be known no longer as Genocide but as Genesis and introduces his new finisher, IN THE BEGINNING.



In a shocking display of dominance, Godsend pins Doomsday in 3 moves (a headlock takedown, a Plunge to Victory, and a Smite the Wicked for the pin on a roll of snake-eyes) for the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship but then… the God-being Vallah appears and gestures toward Doomsday and chains appear and bind him.
Godsend then places the title belt on the mat in the middle of the ring and all three then disappear in a flash of light
but then…
After the light dissipates a new wrestler is in the ring and a voice is heard saying, “I SEND YOU MY MESSIAH” (is this new wrestler the reincarnation of Gravestone?)
Hastily, a new title match is set up for the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship between Messiah (replacing Godsend) and the winner of the #1 Contender Battle Royal from earlier in the night, Monolith.
In an epic great match that goes back and forth, Monolith misses two End of All Things and keeps from submitting to two Heaven’s Gates but finally Monolith hits his End of All Things again and gets the pin for the title.


The Cosmic Battle would appear to be over with the defeat of Doomsday but Apocalypse and his Horsemen are still around so it goes on.


Year 19 (cards 1801-1900)
On card 1810, Monolith defends the Galaxian title over Genesis.
On card 1818, Genesis defends the Interplanetary title over Hellmonk (the former Deacon who had since turned heel) in dominant fashion.
At StarBlast (Card 1850), in the Interplanetary Title Match between Apocalypse and Champion Genesis, Apocalypse comes to the ring with all his Horsemen and they join hands with Death who transforms them all into spirit forms (Death had the ability to wrestle in a spirit form which was more powerful than his human form) and then their forms merge with Apocalypse making him even bigger and stronger. Genesis attacks out of desperation but Ultimate Apocalypse hits him with a Shadow Spear, Atomic Bomb, and then The Ultimate Suffering for the easy pin and the title.
In the Champion of the Universe Tournament (Card 1851), Satannish wins the tournament
but then…


In a flash of light, GODSEND appears and challenges Satannish to a match. The match is over quickly as Godsend dominates, pinning Satannish with 3 Smite the Wickeds (his finisher) in a row.
Then on a column of light descends VALLAH to the ring. Vallah gestures toward Satannish and chains appear on him, binding him. They then all disappear in a flash of light.
On card 1852, in a Gauntlet Match for the Interplanetary title, Ultimate Apocalypse defends his title against The Legion by first eliminating Freedom in 4 moves, then Hope is next and when he is thrown out of the ring he is attacked by Anarchy who hits his Crucifix Drop outside the ring and then throws him back in to be eliminated by Ultimate Apocalypse. Order then comes running out attacking Anarchy and they brawl to the back of the building (Order is counted out of the match and therefore eliminated). Ultimate Apocalypse then pins Salvation in 4 moves for the apparent win but then from on high a voice is heard saying, “I SEND YOU MY MESSIAH” and suddenly Ultimate Apocalypse loses his extra power and goes back to his normal level as Messiah comes out to challenge him for the title.
In an epic struggle (both wrestlers are taken to PIN 12) Apocalypse hits the Ultimate Suffering (+6) and both wrestlers go down but Messiah recovers first and puts on the Heaven’s Gates making Apocalypse tap out for the win and title.
THEN… as all the Legion come out to celebrate (except Order who is still brawling with Anarchy), VALLAH appears in the ring and gestures toward Apocalypse and chains appear on him then all the Legion, Vallah, Messiah, and Apocalypse disappear in a flash of light.
This concludes The Cosmic Battle

On card 1874, Genesis defends the Interplanetary title (which he had won following the events of The Cosmic Battle) over the new Anarchy in convincing fashion.
At SuperClash 19 (card 1900), Anarchy defeats Order in a brutal Milky Way Fall Count Anywhere Match as these two begin their epic feud.
And in a great match for the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship, the Interplanetary Heavyweight Champion Genesis punishes Monolith defeating him for the Galaxian Heavyweight Championship with his In the Beginning finisher (he had kicked out of Monolith’s finisher, The End of All Things earlier in the match) as their feud begins.

The never-ending struggle between good and evil continues evermore.


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