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Here is the  feature on this blog that is akin to the You Tube Film Music Cue of the Day, in that it deals, once again, with one of the great passions of my life:  FILM MUSIC.
I have a huge document called My Top Scores List in which I have picked the Top 5 Film Scores for each year since 1980 along with some commentary on my choices.
You can imagine that by now the list is fairly long and contains a lot of info that I think is blog-worthy so I'm going to start publishing excerpts from the list right here on my blog.
without further ado
Here is Film Music Musings

Its now 2015 and time for a new year of film scores.  Usually around this time, I determine my Top Five Scores for the previous year, but I must admit that I am having a devil of a time as I don't think there were five scores in 2014 that I would put on my Top Scores List.
So, instead how about some predictions for 2015 and what may make my list this next year.

Top Five Scores of 2015 - Prediction

The Force Awakens - John Williams
Obviously.  This is the movie event of the year and maybe of the decade.  But, I have tons of worry about this movie from all the rumors I've heard and the fact that JJ Abrams is directing the movie (THIS GUY DESTROYED STAR TREK!!!) but one thing that is a lock is that the score will be glorious just because John Williams is doing it.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron - Brian Tyler
I'm really looking forward to this movie but this is also a movie that could crash and burn like all the recent Marvel movies have done.  If its bad then I'm done with the Marvel movies forever (maybe).  But the score could be interesting with Tyler at the helm.  Tyler is no Silvestri (the composer of the first Avengers movie and the first Captain America movie) but he's a solid composer and could pull off something special (even if it is in the Media Ventures vein).

Jurassic World - Michael Giacchino
Giacchino is going to have a busy year with this movie and the soon-to-be-released Wachowski sibling sci-fi movie, Jupiter Ascending.  Both could be good but I'm looking forward to Jurassic World as the standout score of his output this year.

Terminator Genysis - Christophe Beck
I enjoyed the first three Terminator movies (I'm one of the few people that think Terminator 3 was pretty good) but this one features some ret-conning which may not be entirely successful.  Beck can turn out good stuff and this could be his breakout action score.

Cinderella - Patrick Doyle
One strong factor of all the real-life fairy tale movies of the last few years has been their scores and any score by Doyle has to elicit some notice and this one seems right up his alley with romance and spectacle.  I'm hopeful.

Some of the scores that are on the outside looking in are: 
Pan by Dario Marianelli - Marianelli is capable of good stuff and this Peter Pan origin story may inspire him with its fantasy elements 
Fantastic Four by John Ottman - Wait, didn't Ottman compose the score for the first Fantastic Four movies and now he's doing the remake?  That's unique but will it be good?

Well, there you go.  My predictions for my Top Five of 2015.  Now, time will tell the tale.

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