Monday, April 20, 2015


This feature on my blog showcases one of my great loves and personal hobbies:
I am a passionate fan of film music and my collection of film music is vast but I want to combine that with a visual aspect (which film music should be aligned too) so I'm going to use You Tube to accomplish this goal.
I will search through You Tube and find videos that feature film music and embed those videos on this blog.

There are certain movies that I really like but everyone else seems to disdain.  Terminator 3:  Rise of the Machines is one of those movie.  I really liked the movie and I thought it was a good addition to the Terminator franchise.  Now, of course, it wasn't as good as T2 but I liked it about on par with the first Terminator movie.
For me, the highlight of the movie, especially from a film score point of view, was the final scene of the movie which featured Marco Beltrami's music over Nick Stahl's narration and I think it worked brilliantly and capped the movie off with a powerhouse emotional impact.
So, for your enjoyment, here is the final scene to Terminator 3 with music by Marco Beltrami.

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