Tuesday, September 24, 2013



So, I just got back from a cruise vacation to the Bahamas and interestingly, on the ship, there was a movie channel that was playing the most recent James Bond movie, Skyfall.
I got a chance to watch it again for the first time since I saw it in the theatres and I must say that I got a new perspective on the movie from my first viewing.
When I saw it in the theatres, I remember not being very impressed but now that I've seen it again, I've changed my mind.
I sorta wish that this movie would have been the first Daniel Craig movie.
Now the Daniel Craig movies haven't really thrilled me too much.  I liked Casino Royale when I first saw it but the more time goes by, the more I don't like about that movie.
Quantum of Solace was a mess that is best left forgotten.
And now we come to Skyfall and its not really half-bad.
At the end of this movie, the Judi Dench M is gone (which is great news, I never liked her in the part), there is a new M (played by Voldemort, er.. Ralph Fiennes), Moneypenny and Q have been reintroduced and Bond is back from the dead and back to form.
The only real negative in the movie is that the DB5 car was heart brokenly shot to hell, but maybe it was insured so it may be back in future movies.
This movie feels like the beginning or foundation that Casino Royale should have been and now the movies can move forward to greatness.
For once, I'm actually hopeful.

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