Wednesday, December 9, 2015

One of the things I would like to do on this blog is publish pics that I find interesting or just plain cool.
And one of the things I find most beautiful and one of my most profound interests is:  women.
Hey, what can I say, I'm single.
So, in the interest of keeping this blog as beautiful as possible, I'm going to be putting up pics of women that I think are beautiful.
Now, before anyone gets worried, there are a couple of rules:
1. No nudity - I will be displaying mostly head and shoulder pics that may show a bit of cleavage but will go no further but if I do show more, the woman will be clothed in a dress or in some other flattering manner.  No swimsuits or lingerie photos will be featured.
2. I will try to identify the woman featured.  Now, I may not be able to do this all the time as I have many pics that are not identified but on the whole I will try and provide a name to go with the beautiful face.
So, without further ado, here is the

A Bevy of Blondes
I have now come to the point in the Top Playmates List that consists of all blondes.
This will bring the list all the way through #50.
So stay tuned, because they are going to come hot and heavy for the foreseeable future.


At #38 on the Top Playmate List is Miss July 2007, Tiffany Selby.  Tiffany is one of those playmates that can be considered either very pretty as in the above pic or incredibly sexy as in the pic below.

And she is one of the few playmates that can make short hair look good...

Which brings us to #39 on the Top Playmate List with Miss September 2001 and Playmate of the Year 2002, Dalene Curtis who also sported short hair for her playmate pictorial and was an historic playmate in that she was the first playmate to go hairless in other ways (if you get my meaning).

Almost exactly ten years later, Dalene returned to Playboy for her Playmate Xtra but now featured long hair.

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