Tuesday, December 9, 2014

One of the things I would like to do on this blog is publish pics that I find interesting or just plain cool.
And one of the things I find most beautiful and one of my most profound interests is:  women.
Hey, what can I say, I'm single.
So, in the interest of keeping this blog as beautiful as possible, I'm going to be putting up pics of women that I think are beautiful.
Now, before anyone gets worried, there are a couple of rules:
1. No nudity - I will be displaying mostly head and shoulder pics that may show a bit of cleavage but will go no further but if I do show more, the woman will be clothed in a dress or in some other flattering manner.  No swimsuits or lingerie photos will be featured.
2. I will try to identify the woman featured.  Now, I may not be able to do this all the time as I have many pics that are not identified but on the whole I will try and provide a name to go with the beautiful face.
So, without further ado, here is the

OK, so its time to continue the Top Playmate List with #21 on the list.
This is Kerri Kendall, Miss September 1990.  I was fairly captivated by her back in the day and I originally had her at #6 on the Top Playmate List.  She's actually older than me at this point in time so I thought I would show some more recent pics of her so everyone can see how Playmates age and can still be beautiful.

A few years after the pic above and a lot more blonde:

A few years later:

Kerri in 2010:

To provide some contrast, here is a Playmate that I originally had at #14 on my Top Playmate List and was quite taken with when she first appeared in Playboy.
This is Miss November 2003, Divini Rae and she was absolutely stunning when she posed for Playboy.

However, after her Playboy time she had both her lips and her breasts enlarged (or further enlarged because her breasts were already augmented but were perfect) both to a degree that was a bit overkill.

Now she looks like this:

Don't get me wrong, she's still beautiful but I prefer the original.


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